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The Equity Project Charter School (TEP) will open in Sept '09 in Manhattan’s Washington Heights community. The school will target middle school students at risk of academic failure and will employ some of the nation's top teachers. I've decided to volunteer significant time this year as a member of TEP’s Capital Campaign Advisory Board, because I believe the school’s model will spark the change needed in many of America’s inner city schools.
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The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School


549 Audubon Ave, T30
New York, NY 10040
Phone: (646) 254-6451
EIN: 99-9999977



The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School believes that
teacher quality is the most important factor in achieving educational equity for low income students.

Spurred by this belief, TEP reallocates its public funds by making an unprecedented investment in attracting and retaining great teachers.


The school’s name – The Equity Project – emerges from the dual meaning of the word equity. Equity means the value of an investment. TEP is particularly interested in teacher equity, the value of teachers in student achievement. Equity also means fairness and equality. TEP is focused on providing students from low-income families with equal access to outstanding teachers as a means of achieving educational equity.


TEP’s educational program leverages its structural design around teacher quality and development to ensure that its students attain mastery of NY State performance and learning standards, which form the basis of TEP’s curriculum. Specifically, TEP’s academic program is focused around 3 core elements, each of which is attainable only because of TEP’s re-conception of the teacher’s role and responsibilities:
(1) TEP’s educational program is structured around extended and varied interaction between students and master teachers.

(2) TEP’s educational program strongly emphasizes language development.

(3) TEP leverages its culture of teacher observation and collaboration to shape a genuinely interdisciplinary curriculum.




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