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Equip Midwives

10 supply kits



Afghan women have confronted decades of violence and poverty. Under the Taliban, women could not leave their homes alone, were only allowed to be treated by female doctors in a country where women were forbidden to work, and had to be accompanied by a man – making it nearly impossible for them to access health care. Despite the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world.

The Gift

Your gift of $60 buys 10 midwife supply kits for graduates of Women for Women International’s Health Training Workshops. Classes teach women about basic prenatal, maternal and infant and child health care, giving women the skills they need to educate other women in their communities about prenatal care and provide safer, more hygienic, deliveries. The kits include basic materials such as iodine, forceps, and clean bandages. Your support will help combat Afghanistan’s high maternal infant and mortality rates by bringing education and new tools directly to women in urban and rural areas who need it most.