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Provide Clean Water

One household filter



Developing countries have considerable clean water shortages. These are affecting people’s health, contributing to high mortality rates especially in vulnerable populations and children under 5, and impacting productivity and income earning potentials. Piped, treated water, while a desirable goal, will not be widely available in the foreseeable future. Innovative, low-cost, practical and culturally acceptable household technologies like water filters are urgently needed to provide safe water to currently unserved and underserved populations.

The Gift

Your gift will provide one water filter that has a tested and proven capacity to reduce the incidence of water borne illness and substantially reduce childhood diarrhea by up to 70%. These water filters have been tested in laboratories all over the world with results consistently showing a more than 99% reduction of all water borne contaminants and fecal coliforms when using highly contaminated sources. These ceramic water filters are so affordable because they can be professionally manufactured locally (providing an additional bonus by creating local jobs) and are treated with colloidal silver which effectively reduces or eliminates particulate matter and pathogens from contaminated water. Each filter you give will help a mother of four save the lives of her children and keep them healthy so they can keep going to school.