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Restore Rangeland

Demine 25 sq. meters



Elephants of Botswana make up the single largest surviving herd in the world. They once roamed across Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Angola. Unfortunately, landmines sown during Angola’s civil war are preventing elephants from roaming between Botswana and prime wildlife regions in Angola. Growing at an unsustainable rate given the current area of confinement, these elephants are in increasing conflict with humans and the environment. Regional authorities face the need to cull the herd by half.

The Gift

Your donation will demine and restore 25 square meters of land and help restore nature's balance in Southeastern Angola for the benefit of both human and wildlife populations. Following a demining effort, elephants will naturally re-establish their lost ranging areas. Opening up traditional wildlife ranging corridors will ultimately link National Parks and Game Reserves within this African region, protecting the region’s biological diversity and aid the study and preservation of endangered species and habitats. Not only would the human-elephant competition for grazing and farmland be reduced, but our ecotourism program will help support the livelihoods of Angolans on an ongoing basis. This turns a negative animal-human interaction into a positive symbiotic relationship that would benefit all living things in these remote, rural areas.