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Give A Child Water

Safe water & latrines



In Berhampur and Aska, 1% of households have toilets and 6% have water taps. Members of these communities rely on a public water tap for their drinking water source and the nearby pond/river for their bathing and washing water source. Lack of access to safe drinking water is compounded by poor hygiene habits, causing an increase in water-related diseases and child mortality.

The Gift

Your gift will provide one child with clean water and sanitation.

This project is a WaterCredit initiative. Families in these communities are ready for a big change. A survey of the area by our India partner found 81% of households were interested in taking out a loan for a water or sanitation facility. Families are willing to take out loans for the construction costs and long-term maintenance fees to build household water sources and sanitation facilities. WaterPartners International and our India partner will help provide the funds in a loan capacity to get these projects started and will work with these communities to develop and implement a sustainable community water supply and sanitation system. Community members will be given access to credit and connected with local contractors and retailers to buy the supplies and get the expertise needed to build their desired water or sanitation facility.