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Adopt An Activist

Support campaign staff



Campaigning for social change is hard work! You need dedication, energy and support. Results are rarely instant and you need to remain focused on the bigger goals - such as poverty eradication and human rights.

Human rights violations occur daily. 800 million people go to bed hungry daily. Every year nearly 11million children die before their fifth birthday. To not act and try to change these facts would be a tragedy.

The Gift

Your gift will support a highly qualified and experienced campaigner working on human rights, social justice or the eradication of poverty.

By supporting our campaigners to research these complex problems, develop campaigns and actively advocate on these key issues, you'll be making a difference around the world.

Our campaigns focus on two areas:
1) securing the freedom of association, assembly and expression for individuals and organizations; and
2) poverty reduction and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

These priorities are determined by the injustice and inequality that is apparent in the world today. Our activists’ final goal, of vibrant communities and engaged citizens not living in poverty, is something that all of us want to achieve. Your gift to Adopt An Activist will contribute to making this goal a reality.