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Help Vets Online

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Homeless veterans usually have access to computers -- at libraries, government offices and veteran service organizarions. The NCHV website offers veterans step-by-step guidance, referrals to services available in their communities, and contact information for local service providers around-the-clock. This information is critical for veterans, but also for families who want to help their loved ones but aren't sure how.

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Your gift will provide one hour of staff support for this comprehensive website designed to direct veterans who need help to the people who can provide it. The NCHV website records more than 45,000 visits each month from veterans in crisis and concerned family members who want to help them.

The website offers information about both VA and community service providers, eligibility requirements, veteran-specific assistance programs, employment opportunities, mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, VA benefits counselors, and special programs for women and disabled veterans.