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Children who face a catastrophic illness are often isolated from their peers. They have wisdom and insight beyond their years, and much to teach friends and family of others who are diagnosed with life threatening. Especially about the meaning of friendship.

In recognition of these courageous young people, the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation annually sponsors the Andre Sobel Award for teens ages 12-21, a writing contest on the topic "Friendship in the Face of Illness".

The Gift

Your gift will give a $20 gift certificate to all teens who enter the Andre Sobel Essay Award Contest. This annual Award is a contest just for young people who have survived catastrophic illness, like cancer. Each year hundreds of entrants compete to win the top prize ($5000). Teens submit a thoughtful essay about their experience with illness that speaks directly to other kids. The topic in 2008 was Friendship in the Face of Illness. If an entrant does not win a top prize, they are rewarded with a beautiful certificate and a $25 gift card in appreciation of their courage in discussing such a difficult time in their lives. Your gift of $25 recognizes the courage and wisdom of these brave kids.