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Support Deminers

All-female demining team



Landmines and unexploded ordnance affect every aspect of a person’s life. They kill and maim innocent civilians and restrict people's access to education and healthcare facilities, as well as to clean, safe water and land for cultivation. They hinder links between villages, preventing refugees from returning home and restricting local trade. MAG's all-female mine action teams provide an innovation solution for removing these these obstructions to long-term and sustainable development.

The Gift

Your donation will support one day of an all-female team's life-saving operations. Locating and removing landmines and unexploded ordnance is painstaking and hazardous work, but MAG’s brave and dedicated female teams are up to the challenge. They work hard every day to make their land safe and to free their country from the lethal legacy of conflict. Your support will empower these women to save lives and to build peaceful and prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.