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Spread Technology

Computer equipment



We provide stable housing to thousands of low income families- housing that serves as a foundation for families to pursue their dreams. But in today’s competitive economy, adults and children alike must have the latest computer skills to succeed in the workplace or in the classroom. Unfortunately, a “digital divide" still exists in America, making it harder for low-income families to gain the computer skills necessary to pursue a better life.

The Gift

To address this problem, we strive to provide computer literacy opportunities to our residents. A donation of $50 helps ensure that families living in our properties have access to computer learning opportunities. Your donation will help us equip our computer centers with the latest software and hardware. At these centers, adults gain essential work skills, while children use computers to complete homework assignments.

Just ask Regina Hodges why computer access is important for the families who live at our properties. Ms. Hodges, a 56-year old grandmother, used the computer center at our 51st and King property in Chicago, IL to develop new skills. Unable to continue work as an administrative assistant because of a disability, Ms. Hodges learned how to use computers to create business cards, fliers and other marketing materials for local businesses. These new skills could lead to her on small business in time.