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Dispel the Stigma

AIDS mobilization kits



AIDS is one of today’s greatest health challenges. With no cure and limited access to treatment, those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are often subject to discrimination from family, friends, community and society.

Mobilization events such as the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial are important opportunities for providing education to communities about the disease – care, prevention, treatment, testing – as well as for remembering those who are suffering from the disease.

The Gift

Candlelight is celebrated anually in more than 1,000 communities in 65 countries. Run by volunteers, these events are forums for advocacy, knowledge sharing, community building and remembering. Your gift will provide a coordinator in the U.S. or in another country with a kit to plan, advertise and execute a memorial in their community.

Through its education and mobilization components, this gift benefits not only individuals, but entire communities. Moreover, it signals to those affected and infected by HIV/ AIDS that people around the world accept and support them.