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Help Afghan Girls

Sanitary pads for 10



In some parts of the world, lack of sanitary products is the number one reason girls drop out of school. In Afghanistan, where education for girls is already under attack, this problem jeopardizes girls’ schooling further. The cost of a basic item like a sanitary pad is all too often out of reach for poor Afghan families. The education of girls is crucial in winning equal rights and freedom for Afghan women.

The Gift

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls is working for women’s equality and freedom in Afghanistan. The campaign, chaired by Mavis Leno, was the first of its kind to build a U.S. grassroots constituency around a foreign policy issue of women’s rights, and it successfully brought the Taliban regime’s atrocities against women and girls in Afghanistan to the attention of the United States and the world. Our Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Now, we are working to protect the hard-won gains for Afghan women and girls, in the face of a resurgence in Taliban activity. Your gift of $35 will provide a month of sanitary napkin supplies for 10 girls in Afghanistan. Meeting this basic need will help girls and ensure a brighter future for women and girls in Afghanistan.