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One of the great challenges of the 21st century is to increase agricultural production and sustain rural livelihoods in ways that also protect wild plants and animals and their natural habitats. “Ecoagriculture” solutions, like shade-grown coffee that produces high-quality beans under a canopy of native trees, are essential. To find these solutions, farmers and conservationists must work closely together. But currently, few organizations foster alliances between them.

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Ecoagriculture Partners was formed specifically to support such alliances. Strong partnerships between farmers, conservationists, researchers, rural leaders and policymakers are the only way to harmonize agricultural production and wildlife conservation—and thereby provide sustainable solutions for poor communities.

A donation to support our partnership activities is a wonderful gift for friends or family members concerned about food and hunger, environmental conservation or international development. Your donation will bring real change: farmers win, with reliable food supplies and income; wildlife wins, with farmers protecting—not harming—their habitat; and the global community wins, through a more sustainable future.