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Empower DV Survivors

Ms. for 5 shelters



Experts estimate that nearly one-third of American women will be abused by a male partner during her lifetime. Many of these women seek safety for themselves and often their children in one of the more than 2,000 domestic violence shelters in the country. Shelters provide security at a time when abused women need it most, but they rarely offer access to supportive books, magazines, and words of understanding from the outside world.

The Gift

At this critical time in a woman’s life, when she has sought safety in a domestic violence shelters, Ms. is there to provide knowledge and empowerment. Reaching out to women in domestic violence shelters serves the mission of Ms. magazine, impacting the lives of battered women by exposing them to new perspectives and ideas about self-sufficiency, women’s empowerment, social change movements, and community activism. Through the pages of Ms., these women are connected to a community of Ms. readers and a larger, empowering social movement.

Due to limited resources, we currently only reach a little more than half of all domestic violence shelters. Your contribution of $40 will send Ms. to 5 domestic violence shelters for one year.