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Help A Deaf Student

One month of school



Only 10% of Deaf children in developing countries go to primary school, and only 5% go on to secondary school. Deaf high schoolers are extraordinary young people who show determination to advance their studies. Most come from poor households and don’t know if they’ll be able to pay for school each month.

This small but talented group has a crucial leadership role as advocates and role models for the Deaf community.

The Gift

A modest investment of just $12 pays for one month of school fees, books and school supplies for a Deaf high school student in Africa. What a relief for a Deaf student to be able to concentrate on studying, not on how to pay school fees! Studying leads to good grades, and good grades lead to graduation, college, and the possibility of pursuing career goals.

Would you rather purchase a gift for your friend or family member to gather dust on a shelf? Or would you and your gift recipient prefer to make a donation to cover high school fees for a Deaf student, and feel the satisfaction of opening doors of opportunity for someone in need.

Your gift of one month of secondary school fees will be provided by Global Deaf Connection.