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Disaster Assistance

Benefits for elderly



More than 500,000 elderly people lost their homes as a result of Hurricane Katrina, and many of them are still struggling to make ends meet. Your donation helps us work with grass roots organizations to find and screen these victims for eligibility in local, state and federal relief programs and reimbursements. Many elderly victims we locate are eligible for at least $10,000 in needed benefits.

The Gift

Your gift will allow us to provide an elderly victim of Hurricane Katrina with at least $10,000 in needed benefits.

NCOA is working with local non-profit organizations throughout the Gulf region to find these elderly victims and help them learn about and enroll in key public benefits that will help pay for health care, prescription drugs, housing and other basic needs. Most of the funds donated will be provided directly to local non-profit organizations on the basis of how many people they find and enroll in key benefits. The Benefits Enrollment Fund is an extremely effective way to work with local partners to reach out and help seniors find the benefits they deserve.