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Prevent Illness

5 Children's Latrines



In rural Malawi, many people don't know what life is like without diarrhea. This preventable disease is the second biggest killer of children worldwide. Diarrhea is caused by unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene practices.

The Gift

Your gift of five children's "arbor-loo" latrines will provide five Malawian children with a safe and hygienic way to defecate while developing good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. This innovative gift will also help the environment. The arbor-loo latrines generate valuable compost that is used to cultivate fruit trees. After each use, ash and dirt are added to feces, which helps eliminate odors and promote composting. When the pit latrine is full, the slab can be moved to a new location and a tree planted in its place.