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Stop Toxic Dumping

One reporting trip



Multinational rubber and mining companies operate with impunity in isolated communities in Liberia. Communities have been violently displaced by both private and state security forces to make way for large companies. These companies deplete the natural resources on which the communities depend. When villagers refuse or protest, they risk assault and eviction. Activists report that persistent dumping has killed all fish and vegetation in rivers on which communities depend for water and fishing.

The Gift

Your gift will fund one trip by an activist to help document and report ongoing abusive practices against these communities. Because of the work of Fund grantee Green Advocates, these local communities are starting to organize, resist, and generate media attention. More attention and funds are needed to help these rural communities develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect and promote their civil rights and to protect their traditional lands and natural resources from exploitation by large, multinational corporations and the government.