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Reach a village

Community organizing



In rural Africa, far too many women die, and many more are disabled, because of complications in childbirth. Virtually every one of these tragedies can be prevented with skilled childbirth care. But tradition and poor quality health services mean that many women still give birth at home, even when obstructed labor puts their lives at risk.

The Gift

This gift will cover two weeks’ transportation costs, enabling FCI’s community organizers to reach dozens of isolated villages and empower women to claim the care they need. In West Africa, FCI’s community organizers go into villages, identify community leaders, and train them to mobilize villagers to ensure that every pregnant woman gets the obstetric care that can save her life. But rural roads are poor and villages are isolated, and organizers must visit again and again to make real change happen. Your gift of $25 will save lives by covering two weeks of fuel costs for an organizer’s motorcycle — and will make sure that the community organizer can reach the most remote villages and help rural women understand and act on their right to life-saving care during childbirth.