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Educate A Girl

One year of school



Of the 850 million illiterate people in the world, 2/3 are women. Many families cannot afford the fees required to send a child to school. Available funds often benefit sons. Without access to education, women are caught in a cycle of poverty where subsistence living, illiteracy, and dependence are a normal part of life. Your contribution ensures a girl has the opportunity to attend school for one year with tools to support her success.

The Gift

Your donation will pay for a girl to attend school in her community for a year. Room to Read has developed a holistic package addressing all the barriers that girls face to ensure educational success. In addition to school fees, your gift provides a bicycle for transportation to and from school, a school uniform and backpack, daily lunch when school is a significant distance from home, a medical exam and immunizations, and mentoring by a Room to Read girls’ scholarship staff member. This mentor provides a positive female role model and interacts regularly with student, family and educators increasing the chances of success for each girl in the program.