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Destigmatize HIV

Sesame Street SoAfrica

Sesame Workshop

Your donation will help support Takalani Sesame, the South African version of Sesame Street Takalanai Sesame uses television, radio and community outreach to respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa as well as prepare children for school. more

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Join READ Global in its quest to change the world—one country, one village, one individual at a time. When READ Global helps a community to build and outfit a library community center, the organization also helps to recruit and train a librarian who will help villagers make the most of their new facility. more

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Sponsor A Duck

One month of care

Farm Sanctuary

Your gift will provide one month of care for a rescued duck. By sponsoring a farm animal, you can provide the necessary support to care for a rescued animal. Farm Sanctuary's shelters are funded entirely by members, so the number of animals we can care for is always dependent on sponsorship funding. more

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Nurture Imagination

25 fun-filled books

First Book

Your gift will provide 25 children in an afterschool program with brand new books. more

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Help A Parent

One life skills course

Mercy Housing

Your gift enables one resident to participate in a six-week life skills course designed for single parents. more

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Support A Patient

Lung cancer seminar


Our CancerCare Connect® seminars, led by oncology social workers, give people the chance to ask questions directly to medical experts. Being connected with others facing the same crisis reminds them they’re not alone. more


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