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Equal Access' 30-minute radio programs, broadcast via satellite and FM/AM radio, contribute to empowerment of communities in the developing countries by providing critical information on people's rights, education, health, livelihood and social services available in an engaging format. more

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Your gift of $10 will support soil restoration research for a year on one square yard of one of Africa's most fragile ecosystems. Your support will supply the scientific data needed to halt degradation and lead to the planting indigenous tree species, many of which are fast disappearing in Western Kenya. more

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Stop Global Warming

Efficient Car Offset

Your donation will offset over 8,000 pounds of carbon dioxide produced from an efficient car and will be an important step in the fight against global warming. Carbonfund. more

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Your donation will assist NRDC in securing permanent protection for millions of acres of parks and wildlands from pollution, oil drilling and mining and other development. more

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Your gift will improve the quality of life for rural communities. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. CRS Honduras is working with our partner to meet the water needs of poor farm families. more

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Give Orphans Hope

Lifeline for children

Freeplay Foundation

The Lifeline radio you give will bring new hope to child headed households who live in conditions of extreme poverty and isolation, eking out a living by subsistence farming or doing odd jobs for neighbors who may exploit them. more


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