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Plant 100 Trees

Plant Trees in Brazil

The Nature Conservancy

As part of this landmark conservation initiative, we’re working to restore Brazil’s Atlantic Forest – one of the world’s biggest and most endangered tropical forests – by planting 1 billion native trees over the next seven years. more

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With a Flock of Hope, egg production will begin in almost no time! Where families, especially children, are malnourished, delicious eggs will mean daily protein. Where families are impoverished, eggs will be taken to market and sold, raising much-needed funds for clothing, medicine and more. more

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Comfort Children

CancerCare kid's pack


When they first come to CancerCare, children receive a special welcome kit that includes a teddy bear and special book that helps them address the many fears and emotions they may be feeling. more

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Promote Literacy

Generational tutoring

The OASIS Institute

The OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program promotes literacy by tapping a rich resource, older adults, to tutor children who are at risk in k-4 grades. This program utilizes an innovative approach designed to build children’s self-esteem and positive attitude toward learning while strengthening reading skills. more

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Fully grown, a single hen can lay more than 200 eggs per year. So your starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks will provide plenty of protein-rich eggs to eat, to sell at the market for income, or to pass on the gift to other families in need. more

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Your gift will help provide a disadvantaged woman with their first Dress for Success experience, which includes an interview suit, a one-on-one session with a personal shopper and access to our Career Center. more


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