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Your gift will support a highly qualified and experienced campaigner working on human rights, social justice or the eradication of poverty. By supporting our campaigners to research these complex problems, develop campaigns and actively advocate on these key issues, you'll be making a difference around the world. more

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Your gift will enable a civil society activist or organization based in a developing country to become a member of CIVICUS for a year. They will be able to participate in, and benefit from, a global network of civil society organizations. more

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Your gift will contribute to independent research into current issues affecting civil society organizations, including various questions around accountability and responsibility – where does responsibility for upholding justice lie? How can citizens ensure that organizations, governments or corporations are accounta... more

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The CIVICUS World Assembly takes place once a year, bringing together civil society activists and their partners from around the world to share ideas and experiences. Your gift will sponsor a civil society delegate from a developing country to attend the 2007 World Assembly in Scotland. more

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Your gift will support CIVICUS to provide important information in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Swahili and Mandarin. Information such as training materials on campaigning and other key skills, or news alerts on global or national civil society issues. more

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By supporting the production of our media releases, your gift will enable us to research a situation where civil society is under threat, check and compile this information and package it for the media and other interested groups. more

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Your gift will help encourage innovative thinking and support creative solutions to some of the critical issues facing community organizations and civil rights groups around the world today. This will be done through schemes like the CIVICUS Nelson Mandela Graça Machel Innovation Awards . more

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Supporting an hour of consultation with a lawyer or other technical expert will help secure justice and could save lives. more